About us

We are a community-based organization which aims at gathering honourable and good-natured people who care about establishing peace on the Earth, helping humanity to shift towards healthy, organic sustainable lifestyle. We aim at preserving virtues common to all people as well as uniqueness and identity of different cultures. We think that for survival of humanity it is significant to establish morality in all major field of human activity.

  • We want people of different nationalities, age, education would become Planet citizens.  We care about common interests and virtues for whose preservation we call to unite.
  • We do not seek political goals or power. Our goal is healthy planet and peaceful, moral, evolutionary successful humanity, capable of solving posing problems.
  • We are ready to act selflessly for the embodiment of these fundamental for the Earth and humanity objectives and we are already taking actions by organising simple, understandable events which can be joined by everyone willing to.

Nijole Gabija Wolmer

Founder of “Planet alive”
  • More and more light, spiritual people who seek to preserve the Earth and life on it and to establish morality in all fields of human activity are awakening on the Earth. The great abilities of human intellect are not yet united to solve the essential tasks of humanity. “Planet alive”, which unites simple, honourable people will help you find many congenial people with similar aims in different countries.
We are the same. We all care about our planet Earth