Projektas Laimingas vanduo

Since 2011 – 595 actions were held in Lithuania and other countries of the world, in which 16847 people participated.

• “Happy Water” celebrations were held in Giruliai, Karklė by the Baltic Sea, Kurmaičiai by the Akmena River, by St. Chapels of Francis of Assisi.

• In 2016, 79 Lithuanian educational institutions, 4186 people participated in the project “Happy water – happy human” 81 coastal cleaning actions took place.

• In 2017 the ecological project “My friend – water” took place, in which 54 educational institutions, 1820 children and 271 adults participated, 92 coastal cleaning actions took place.

• In 2018   22 Lithuanian educational institutions over 800 students and teachers participated in the project “Happy water ‘2018“, water banks were cleaned in 30 actions (1049 participants).

• In 2018 we successfully implemented the international project “Happy water” together with Latvian and Icelandic non-governmental organizations working in the field of environmental protection.

• In 2019 the ecological project “My friend – water’19” took place, in which 39 educational institutions participated, over 1,800 workers cleaned 26 water bodies in 55 actions.

• 2019/2020 – 42 Lithuanian educational institutions participated in the project “Happy water’19 – we make a wave”, 867 schoolchildren conducted water tests, cared of 40 water bodies, carried out 41 cleaning actions (932 participants).

• 2019/2020 we joined the international water cleaning initiative “River cleanup” and participated in 6 campaigns, 35 people. We cleaned the coast of the River Neris in Vilnius, cleaned the Kaunas lagoon and the Baltic Sea shore in Klaipėda.

• 2020 March 28th – June 1st 1546 participants of the project “Man’s Gift to the Earth” took place, in the III phase of “Happy Water”.

• In 2022 March 7th – April 22nd. The initiative “Earth – in the hands of a loving person” took place, 1354 people participated, 43 “Happy water” actions were held, 39 water bodies were cared for and cleaned.

It has been taking place since 2011 April 16. About the “Happy Water” project More.