Our works

Association “PLANET ALIVE”

This association carries out a number of social, civic and creative projects.

They are very simple, understandable, sociable, very dear to us. By participating in them sincerely, selflessly, we see how small acts, done constantly and with love, change the world for the better. You can always join each of these projects if it’s important to you.

We present the main projects, work done, the number of participants.

Projektas Laimingas vanduo

“HAPPY WATER” project

Since 2011 – 587 actions were held in Lithuania and other countries of the world, in which 15 458 people participated.

• “Happy Water” celebrations were held in Giruliai, Karklė by the Baltic Sea, Kurmaičiai by the Akmena River, by St. Chapels of Francis of Assisi.

• In 2016, 79 Lithuanian educational institutions, 4186 people participated in the project “Happy water – happy human” 81 coastal cleaning actions took place.

• In 2017 the ecological project “My friend – water” took place, in which 54 educational institutions, 1820 children and 271 adults participated, 92 coastal cleaning actions took place.

• In 2018   22 Lithuanian educational institutions over 800 students and teachers participated in the project “Happy water ‘2018“, water banks were cleaned in 30 actions (1049 participants).

• In 2018 we successfully implemented the international project “Happy water” together with Latvian and Icelandic non-governmental organizations working in the field of environmental protection. More

• In 2019 the ecological project “My friend – water’19” took place, in which 39 educational institutions participated, over 1,800 workers cleaned 26 water bodies in 55 actions.

• 2019/2020 – 42 Lithuanian educational institutions participated in the project “Happy water’19 – we make a wave”, 867 schoolchildren conducted water tests, cared of 40 water bodies, carried out 41 cleaning actions (932 participants).

• 2019/2020 we joined the international water cleaning initiative “River cleanup” and participated in 6 campaigns, 35 people. We cleaned the coast of the River Neris in Vilnius, cleaned the Kaunas lagoon and the Baltic Sea shore in Klaipėda.

• 2020 March 28th – June 1st 1546 participants of the project “Man’s Gift to the Earth” took place, in the III phase of “Happy Water”.

• In 2022 March 7th – April 22nd. The initiative “Earth – in the hands of a loving person” took place, 1354 people participated, 43 “Happy water” actions were held, 39 water bodies were cared for and cleaned.

It has been taking place since 2011 April 16. About the “Happy Water” project More.

Projektas Apkabinkime Žemę

“HUG MY PLANET” project

• Since 2012 – 612 events of the “Embrace the Earth” project took place, bringing together 114 836 participants.

• 204 “Embrace the Earth” actions in which 7 832 people participated.

• 76 “Let’s hug the Earth together” actions, in which 10 575 people participated.

• 150 “Let’s Hug the Earth on Valentine’s Day” events (in 2014/2015/2016), in which 8 632 people participated.

• 77 “Embrace the Earth with Good deeds” events (2015-2016), in which 9 515 people participated.

• 3 “Dance to Earth” events (in 2017/2018/2019), in which 32 362 people participated).

• 3 “Peace Day” events (in 2017/2018/2019), in which 181 institutions and 13 216 people participated.

• “Our Home – The Land of Virtues” project (in 2019), in which 129 educational institutions and 12 504 people participated.

• “Human Gift to the Earth” project (in 2020), in which 44 institutions and 5 562 people participated.

It has been taking place since 2012 June 3. About the “Embrace the Earth” project More.


A common meditation for peace, righteousness and the expansion of spiritual light on earth.

We invite all people of good will who love humanity, our planet Earth and all life on it, to join the Sunday meditation for the development of peace, moral and spiritual light on Earth and in Humanity. Meditation takes place on the first Sunday of every month at 12 noon. It doesn’t matter where to meditate – we are connected by a common intention and bright wishes for the Earth and humanity.
It has been taking place since 2013 April 28th. More

“Let’s PLANT” project

“Let’s PLANT” is a social initiative of the  “Planet Alive”, with which we aim to draw people’s attention to the importance of forests in today’s ecosystem. Are you proactive, like-minded person who support such an idea? We invite everyone to participate in tree planting actions together with family, local community, educational institution. We invite all similar social initiatives to plant trees together in LITHUANIA:

• In 2016 – 688 people (mostly children) got involved in this initiative, 32,869 trees were planted. More

• In 2020 – 27 institutions of the city of Vilnius, over 2000 students participated. More

Masaru Emoto’s PEACE PROJECT

• In 2016 January Lithuania became a member of M. Emoto’s international peace project, publishing Masaru Emoto’s book for children “The message that water tells us”. All of them, 3000 books, were distributed to children during the projects, several dozen were donated to schools as teaching aids, libraries. More

• In 2017 May there was a visit of representatives of the Masaru Emoto organization to Lithuania and a public lecture about the work of this scientist at the Mykolas Romeris University. More

• In 2018 an experiment was carried out in the laboratory of M. Emoto’s organization – a study with 3 Lithuanian words – LITHUANIA, THANK YOU, LOVE. Photographs of water crystals obtained during this study in 2019 March. It was printed in the second edition of the book. The message of peace, thanks to this book, is spread through the projects of “Planet Alive “. More

About Masaru Emoto More


The project is implemented from 2020 November until 2022 October, under the Erasmus+ funding program. Three countries participate in the project: Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria and 4 institutions (association “PLANET ALIVE”, UAB “Tag of Joy”, ELA, ASPECT).

The project is designed to create a computer game MORALSTEM, in which children of age 10-14 will solve moral dilemmas related to STEAM and collect points – virtues. In the course of the project, an encyclopedia of virtues will be created (description of virtues, handbook), a study will be carried out (in partner schools, three schools in each country, a total of about 700 students), a game guide and dissemination will be carried out (articles, 1 conference each in three countries). More

Social-creative project “Bright people”

“PLANET ALIVE” turns to people and implements the social-creative project “Bright people”. It is designed to develop awareness, creativity, virtues and citizenship. In it, through creative explorations of their social environment, directing their gaze and highlighting the positive aspects of their environment, we will help children to form a positive view of their Motherland, in the small and broad sense, and pride in their community and Lithuania. We are implementing this project together with the “Thank you” campaign, which is part of the 100th anniversary project of Lithuania. This campaign encourages us to thank everyone who contributed to our and Lithuania’s path to success. More

It has been taking place since 2017. More


“Planet Alive” team in 2020 launched a new project for life on Earth. It’s purpose is to look at other species of life in order to know, learn from them, respect them, and cultivate a beautiful, harmonious relationship with them. Let love, respect, and gratitude for animals and all living things spread thanks to all of us. Let it remind us that we are not the only inhabitants of the Earth who have a right to be here.

• In the project ” Earth Alive. Animals are our Teachers” participated 113 educational institutions, 3390 people.

• Received 162 descriptions of animal virtues. More


A new creative project launched in 2020 invites you to open up the world of virtues, recognize them, name them (films, literary works, folk tales, music, life situations) and express them in your deeds. To discover what virtues inspire the heart for good deeds. Express it through creativity (drawing, writing, singing, acting, reciting). Giving the world the goodness of your heart and inspiring others to do the same. To help create an open bank of pedagogical wisdom (by sharing play scripts, created lines, games, lesson notes that open up the worlds of virtues). Participated 42 educational institutions, 886 participants. More


Our most important goal is to show children that it is possible to live in a different way – in light, cleanliness, virtues, love, harmony – and that they can also strive for such a life. It is important for children to see that there is such a way of life that it is possible to communicate, work and celebrate in a creative, joyful way, without alcohol, swearing and bad words.
It has been taking place since 2016. More


The project is intended to express one’s civic position in a peaceful, civilized manner during leisure events, to create coexistence soberly and joyfully – through dance, movement, sports and songs. Everything is suitable – marathon, kites, rollerblades. We create a joint celebration without alcohol, intoxicants and aggressive art, we encourage diversity, activity, sociability, a positive, joyful attitude.
It has been taking place since  April 1st  2013.


Common prayer – meditation with the Klaipėda Franciscans. Environmental management, communication with water and earth, joint prayer and meditation for peace in the world, weaving a rosary, dance for change on Earth, concert and joint dinner by the fire.
Held in 2013 on July 13, gathered 96 participants. More

Traveling Family Festival “TREE OF LIFE” project

A celebration of communities and families

It is interesting to note that each village, community has something of its own, unique to it, but taken together, each person longs for the same thing – closeness, tenderness, recognition, simple attention, a friendly hug, joy. 

During the holidays, we were introduced to Mr. Emoto’s peace project, we cleaned the environment, collected garbage, decorated a drop of “Happy Water” with petals and expressed gratitude to water.

Held in 2016 and in 2017:

• In Kulautuva, Kaunas district. (about 50 community members and guests participated).

• In Kurmaičiai, Kretinga district, by the river Akmena in the recreation and leisure area (about 100 community members and guests participated).

• In Kalnuotė, Vilnius district, “Kalnuotė community” (about 17 community members participated).

A celebration of the AWAKENING OF HUMANITY project

Concert and social projects by the Baltic Sea. Dance for Change on Earth – Hugging the Earth – Happy Water – Creating Shared Mandalas and Sand Castles – Meditation for World Peace – Evening Concert.

Held on 17th August 2013, 42 participants.