The projects which you see here are very simple, understandable and common to all people. They are very valuable for us. Taking part in them sincerely and selflessly, we see how little actions done constantly and with love change the world for the better. You always can  join every project, if it is important for you.

The initiator of the projects N.G.Wolmer.

Happy water

Social-ecological project for cleaning foreshores

Water, I apologise. Water, I thank you... The project “Happy Water” aims at cleaning foreshores, to express gratitude to water and earth, to re-establish a connection with nature and restore love and respect to it as well as to invite as many people of different age, nationality and beliefs as possible to clean the nature and to interact with it naturally and respectfully. Since 2011.

Hug my planet

Social project for peace on Earth

Let’s hold hands for peace on Earth... The project “Embrace the Earth” is an action of rapport and solidarity with people and Earth which can be understood by people of any nationality, gender, age and beliefs. By extending our hand to a person next to us, we express confidence in people, our common care and love for the Earth. I believe that a path of holding hands across the Earth may change a lot. Project initiator N. G. Wolmer Since 2012.

Wake up Humanity for peace, morality and consciousness

Social project – Peace action

Meditation allows to tell everything what is the most important without saying a word. Yellow meditation flags help to find meditation place easy and explains the meaning of that action: Wake up Humanity for peace, morality and consciousness“Join us – silence is not worce than words.

Sunday meditation

Shared meditation for peace, morality, and expansion of spiritual light on the earth

May all sentient beings on earth be blessed... We call upon all people of goodwill who love humanity, our planet Earth and all life on it to join a Sunday meditation for peace, morality, and expansion of spiritual light on Earth and in Humanity. We call upon each and every one – big and small, young and old, people of all professions and all nationalities – to join our meditation which takes place on every Sunday at 12 p.m. If you can’t join the meditation at 12 p.m. then do it at 1 p.m. or 2 p.m., 8 p.m. It’s important that this would take place at all.

Humanity wakening feast

Concert and social projects near Baltic sea.

Dance for change in the earth – hug the earth – happy water – creating mandala and sand castles – meditation for peace in the world – evening concert.

Run, dance, liberate

Social project. Express yourself joyfully on a happy planet

Express yourself joyfully on a happy planet... The project aims at expressing your attitude at leisure events in a peaceful and civilized way, to create a common atmosphere soberly and joyfully – through a dance, a movement, sports and songs. We create a collective festival without alcohol, drugs and aggressive art, we encourage diversity, activeness, sociality, and a positive, joyful and citizen attitude. Hey, guys. Run in a marathon. Dance and liberate yourself. Stomp in the rhythm of life. Let’s rejoice, dance and liberate ourselves together. Let’s become the heart of the planet. Let’s the joy of the planet. Since 2013.

For peace and morality in the earth

International world peace day feast - concert

Peace meditation – fire mandala – gongs – jazz conxert. We responded to peace wave, which went through all the world. We met in Vilnius near whit bridge for peace meditation, we created fire mandala together, listened to gongs and jazz, which unites all.

Creation feast

Common prayer together with monks Franciscans

Cleaning of the environment, communication with water, common prayer and meditation for peace in the world, weave of rosary, dance for change in the world, common supper near fire.