Sekmadienio MEDITACIJA 2024-6-2


For the expansion of peace, virtue, and spiritual light on Earth and in Humanity

Sunday meditation

We call upon all people of goodwill who love humanity, our planet Earth and all life on it to join a Sunday meditation for peace, morality, and expansion of spiritual light on Earth and in Humanity.
We call upon each and every one – big and small, young and old, people of all professions and all nationalities – to join our meditation which takes place on every Sunday at 12 p.m. If you can’t join the meditation at 12 p.m. then do it at 1 p.m. or 2 p.m., 8 p.m. It’s important that this would take place at all.

What is this meditation? Why is it needed? Who can take part in it?

Do you want to help the earth which suffers from poisons, explosives and wars, but don’t know how? Then, there’s already a sense for us to work together.
Do you dream about kindness and love being spread in the humanity, but you don’t believe that it’s possible, you don’t find a way to do that? You have been choking from consumerism for a long time and you’re tired from indifference? Then, there’s even more sense for us to work together.
After all, if we haven’t had found each other, if we haven’t worked together in simple unselfish projects, most probably we would be thinking just like you…
We haven’t got tired. We have strength and joy – join our hope and belief, our love expressed in actions.
We want to change humanity and the earth to the better as much as we can. Right now. We believe that small works done with patience and love change the world. Let’s change it together – we need your help. It may be little, but expressing that what we do is important to you.
It’s doesn’t matter if you have any experience in meditation. There’s no need for any special meditation skills. It’s important that you wanted to sincerely help the earth and humanity, life and that you joined the meditation with this motivation – sincerely wishing humanity and the earth, and all life on it peace, morality and the expansion and growth of spiritual light.

How to do that?

You may sit somewhere in a peaceful and safe place where no one will disturb you, where you’ll be able to relax, to submerge into your wonderful world of pure prayer and meditation.When you calm down, imagine that from all sides you’re being covered by a wonderful, blessing light of the eternal spiritual world, which is full of glow of all possible virtues – purity, love, tenderness, truth, flight of thought, freedom, kindness, rest, peacefulness and sacredness. If it is acceptable to you, invite into your prayer or meditation, however you call it, the Eternal Most Sacred Lord or what is the most sacred to you or responds easiest and ask to bless your prayer, meditation. For someone it may be simply the Light of the Spirit.
You simply may pray in your own sincere words for the blessing and peace, purification and morality, spirituality, kindness and spreading of love for humanity, the earth and all life on it. If you do that for at least 5, 10 or 15 minutes that will be wonderful, we’ll be grateful to you. Maybe people who are more experienced in meditating or praying will submerge in this prayer-meditation for an hour, but that’s not necessary.Everything that is done should be based on reason, moderation, wisdom, free will and good-naturedness.

If you won’t find your own words, it will be fine if you simply repeated in mind one of these statements (or similar):

“Lord, may peace, morality, and spiritual light spread on earth and in Humanity…”
“May a fundamental change towards peace, morality and light take place…”
“May all the sentient beings on earth be blessed.”
“Blessed be earth, water, fire and air, human beings and life.”
“May love, kindness, understanding, and compassion spread on the earth and in humanity.”
“Lord, may the change towards peace, morality, and light take place in humanity and on the earth.”

It will be even better if you also could visualize how the light of blessing covers the earth and the life, but it’s not necessary. It would be great if you remembered and felt that simultaneously in different corners of the world lots of your fellows pray and meditate wishing the earth the same things and asking for the blessing for humanity, the earth and the life on it.
It’s important that you wouldn’t get tired, wouldn’t strain yourself, and better did it bit by bit, but for a long period of time. After all, „ little strokes fell great oaks…”… That’s true, isn’t it?

We would be really grateful if people who have a long meditation experience would join our prayer, meditation while seeking to contribute to our common goals. We won’t give you any advice on how it is better for you to pray or meditate – we’ll be grateful for a sincere contribution, help, no matter how it’s expressed.
We are open to all good-natured groups which are willing to join our event. We hope and we would be happy if it really happened.

The initiator of the projects N.G.Wolmer