Why it is so usefull to meditate together?

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Already second Year  we organize public meditations in Vilnius near white bridge and near Baltic sea. Why it is so important to sit together in silence and to wish peace to the world? Why it‘s done in whole world? Such collective, sinchronized meditations take place in whole world. Thousands of people participate in the biggest cities of the world, several times a year such meditations take place in dozen cities around the world.

According to „Unify“ organization, which has 3 years experience in organizing worldly meditations, most important meditations are organized around cardinal points of the year: June and December solstice and March and September equinoxes. Hundreds of people gather together in public places. Many people join all around the world individually or in small groups in their houses, gardens, parks. With the help of media and internet „unify“ organizes meditations around the world, in which 10 000 or more people meditate at once.

Why is it done?

First of all, it‘s pleasant. Meditation has good impact to Your health, it was proved many times. It calms mind, makes it clear, removes psychological tension, allows to rest from daily routine, to connect Your real nature, which is always inside us. Meditation can open perspective, space for new insights, releases body and soul.


It‘s even more important, that collective (sinchronized) meditation has an impact to planet‘s collective conciousness. Carl Jung the founder of modern psycholgy was first, who used the term collective conciousnes. He considered that very important factor and claimed that people brings their experiences in specific field and then takes them out. So the impact is mutual, collective conciousness affects us, but we also can bring our part into it. Collective (sinchronized – happening at one time in various places around the world) meditation is a way for people from various nations, races, believes to understand each other better, such meditaiton heals people and the planet, brings peace and understanding.


Research made by transcendental meditation organization helps to understand the effect of such meditations. Research was made about how meditation helps to reduce crime rate (meditations were organized in places, where crime rate is high, meditators sent peace, calm and it was noticed that crime rate reduced). Also we can think, that common meditation affects general world situation, calms down war fireplaces, especially if in such meditations many people from around the world participate.

In whatever You believe, it‘s obvious, that to meditate is pleasant, healthy and it increases vibrations of You and people around, brings more peace and calm. So let‘s meditate together.

Further we introduce with researc rezults, how meditation affects man‘s body, health, what is impact to social environment.

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