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2015-05-22, Friday / Articles

Raising quality of people lives in various household areas very often turns with its negative side. Various cleaners and washers pollute water, soil and air. However there is always opportunities. Careful nature lovers remembered enzymes. What is it?

Eko enzymes, is an organic material, made of proteins, mineral salt and hormones. In the process of decomposition ozone is produced, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxid in the atmosphere and amount of heavy metals in the clouds (because of heavy metals clouds are dark). All this process slows down global warming. Ozone helps to clean water and creates larger amount of oxygen in the environment. Besides, ozone is known as effective bleach and powerful tool for disinfection, which kills bacterias, fungus better than chlorine. In the process of decomposition nitrites (NO3), are made, which are useful material for plants and soil.

There is how it works:
enzyme function_559x172

Eko enzymes in households are made very simply – through fermentation of fresh kitchen garbage (fruits, vegetables, and parings), sugar (brown or black with many molasess) and water. The enzyme is dark brown fluid, which has sweet and sour smell. There are also enzymes which are made through industrial way.

One liter of enzymes can clean up to 1000 liters polluted water in rivers and lakes. If people in town would use enzymes for dish washing and cleaning, it would be enough to clean rivers in which flows water from sewerage and even seas, in which water or rivers flow. Eko enzymes have anti-bacterial and anti-virus effect. They can remove chemicals and can be applied in various use in households. (

In Australia and America enzymes are produced to clean water in pools, lakes, to refresh the soil. We will introduce the research when Lake-Zyme product from company IRASSS was used. It‘s a product, which was created to clean large amount of water, and is introduced as safe to environment. The research has lasted several months and there is how lake water has changed. (all research is described here:

1. Lake befor puoring enzymes (November 18, 2010:

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1 pav. lapkričio 18, 2010

2. After two months (January 8, 2011):

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2 pav. sausio 8, 2011

3. After three months March 14, 2011:

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3 pav. kovo 14, 2011

As we mentioned before, enzymes clean not only water. There is how soil changes after 6 weeks after enzymes are poured to it (

4 pav. Enzimų poveikis dirvožemiui:

4pav - enzimai
It‘s clear with naked eye, that in the example earth is more lush and grass. Such an effective impact in Australia where land is not very fertile, raises the question, how to apply enzymes in Lithuania.

Therefore enzymes – is effective, safe, hopeful tool for cleaning, refreshing soil, for whole earth, nature and waters. It‘s made from nothing, but creates the life.


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