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2015-01-27, Tuesday / Articles

Guardian of the water – that‘s how we can call Masaru Emoto (1943 07 22 – 2014 10 17) and we won‘t do mistake. He revealed and scientifically proved, that water is alive, reacts to people thoughts and feelings. Through specific research he proved that drop of the water, if we speak mild words to it, becomes wonderful snowflake when it‘s frozen. Masaru-EmotoBut if we curse it, it becomes rigmarole of black spots. In one of his books ,,The hiden messages in water“ Masaru Emoto writes: „We have to start, that at the begining we learn, what does it mean to be thankful, that we were born in this wonderful, giving Earth and to water, that it gives basis for life egzistence. If you open your eyes wider, you will see, that world is full of endless abundance and is worth of our gratitude. When you yourself become being of gratitude, you think, how pure water can become in you. And when it happens, you will become the crystal of radiant light.

Searching the internet, you can find many reactions of people who tried Masaru experiments: they hardly can believe, what is obvious. The experiments were seen by scientists as well. In the webpage on February of 2014 speaks Kristopher’is Setchfield’as (BA, Health Science Natural Science Department Castleton State College, Vermont). In his opinion works of Masaru Emoto are equal to Reiki healing power, and that should be investigated thoroughly with a lot of attention to it. Masaru Emoto sacrificed his life to show, that water is alive and to inspire people to look at their roots more consciously. When we say good bye to this wonderful person and let him go to eternity, we say thank you for everything and we continue his work as a lot of people in the planet.

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