Laimingas Vanduo - HAPPY WATER

In the oceans of the world garbage stocks have reached a critical point with the effects of climate change becoming more and more acute. Today the society must understand the consequences of everyday life and consumer’s behavior. Active public participation is a necessary condition for the Conservation of Nature. Therefore the role of NGOs becomes

2015-05-22, Friday

Raising quality of people lives in various household areas very often turns with its negative side. Various cleaners and washers pollute water, soil and air. However there is always opportunities. Careful nature lovers remembered enzymes. What is it? Eko enzymes, is an organic material, made of proteins, mineral salt and hormones. In the process of


Every five years, pilgrims flock to the temple of the goddess Gadhimai in the small Nepalese border town of Bariyarpur to behead vast quantities of livestock over two days. More than 250,000 animals are being lined up for slaughter as Nepalembarks on a two-day religious festival where buffalo, birds and goats are sacrificed to appease

2015-05-02, Saturday

7.8-magnitude earthquake that has rocked Nepal, causing buildings to collapse, setting off avalanches on Mount Everest and catapulting the region into chaos. The massive quake struck shortly before noon local time on April 25, centered about 50 miles from Kathmandu and could be felt as far away as New Delhi. Strong aftershocks have occurred throughout


Already second Year  we organize public meditations in Vilnius near white bridge and near Baltic sea. Why it is so important to sit together in silence and to wish peace to the world? Why it‘s done in whole world? Such collective, sinchronized meditations take place in whole world. Thousands of people participate in the biggest

2015-01-27, Tuesday

Guardian of the water – that‘s how we can call Masaru Emoto (1943 07 22 – 2014 10 17) and we won‘t do mistake. He revealed and scientifically proved, that water is alive, reacts to people thoughts and feelings. Through specific research he proved that drop of the water, if we speak mild words to

2015-01-27, Tuesday

Can water be happy? Can we hug the Earth? Can we make peace in the world while meditating? We are happy that there are more and more people who think so. it reveals through „Happy water“, „Hug the planet“, „Global Sunday peace meditation“ and other social projects, which are organized since 2011. Only during 2014


This June 21, initiated by Lakota Chief, Arvol Lookinhorse, the theme is Honoring Sacred Sites. On June 21 wherever you are, you are invited to wake up for sunrise in a local place that is sacred to you or create a sacred space in your home. Take a picture of the place and post it with